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Thanks for visiting  We are glad to have you here. Grantham Press is my own self-publishing site and it has been fascinating to create it, announce my first novel on it, and provide you with new stories (and my next novel this time next year) as well as blogs on creativity and other timely subjects.

I am pleased to announce the publication of my 160-page career guide, Your Crystal Clear Career Path, It features smart, new and non-traditional strategies to helping people like you “find rewarding work, not just a job”.  I hope you will check it out, buy it and apply its insights to your job search and career planning

I hope you have read my first novel, New & Improved! A Political Thriller. Like many good things, it took several years of writing, editing, proofing, and finally, laying the novel out on CreateSpace for Kindle/Amazon publication in September, 2013.

I plan to keep you posted on my next novel, “The Four Options”, which follows the exciting and often terrifying exploits of four young Navy Ensigns as they enter Navy flight training during the Vietnam War. The Four Options are: some of these young men will earn their” Wings of Gold”, some will wash out of the program, some will quit and some…….will die trying.  I was a Navy Pilot and this is the story of the men who venture into the blue to achieve their dream of flying.

Future novels include a sequel called Bad Mickey, a novel inspired by my youth at Lake George, New York and more career/business books. Stay tuned!

I will also publish short stories that I hope will entertain you. Three are available to you now under “Short Stories”.

Please feel free to email me at or leave your comments and thoughts here.

Thanks again for visiting and being a reader of my work. I hope to continue to earn your interest and readership.

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